60 Minutes Segment: Is Sugar Toxic?

When 60 Minutes broadcasted a piece relating to sugar the industry thought they were going to represent multiple sides of the issue. Instead they took a journalistic approach that was one-sided and blamed sugar for many of American’s health problems when there are many facts that suggest otherwise. You can’t blame one thing for everyone’s health issues. People need to be educated about balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. All natural sugar is part of our daily diets and is found in many of the foods we eat, either naturally or added. If the producers of 60 Minutes are suggesting that people switch from all natural sugar to man-made sweeteners then they haven’t done their homework on that issue either.

Finally, after spending the entire segment misleading consumers, 60 Minutes failed to provide a single action step that consumers could take to moderate consumption of all foods to reduce their total caloric intake-something that the Sugar Association has been urging for years.

What 60 Minutes achieved, instead, was scaring the public with the use of words like heart disease, toxic and addictive while broadening the chilling effect on any other member of the food industry’s willingness to participate in further episodes.” – Andrew Briscoe III

We all have health concerns for ourselves, family and children. It is important to educate yourself and not take what you hear and see on the news blindly. We all know that the media is misleading (a lot of the time) and serve their own agenda or someone else’s.

The key with living a healthy life and raising healthy children is maintaining a well-rounded diet, getting physically active and providing a loving environment.

Read the Sugar Association’s Response and get the Facts on Sugar.