Baby Development

Babies grow and develop at an amazing rate during their first year. You can expect your baby to begin to:

  • Improve control over their bodies. They learn to hold their heads up, roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up and occasionally walk.
  • Become aware of themselves as separate from others. They begin to notice their hands and feet and play with their toes. Later they enjoy playing with toys.
  • Learn to cry when their parents leave the room. Communicate and develop their language skills eventually leading to the very first ‘mama’ or ‘dada’.
  • Distinguish their own name.
  • Relate to others. They respond to adults more than other babies. To them other babies are considered objects instead of people.

What Every Baby Needs

Every child requires the same basic elements such as loving parents and caregivers who respond to their cries and little noises. They need to be kept safe and comfortable as well as have plenty of opportunities to move around, play and hear language. Babies need to become attached to at least one person who provides them with love and security. Developing trust is crucial and this is accomplished by feeling your touch, hearing your voice and physical closeness.

When parents get their little baby home it is natural for them to move her arms and legs and tickle her on her little belly. As your baby develops let her grab at your nose and hair. Lay your baby on your chest and cuddle her. Sing and dance with your baby to entertain or soothe her.
When your baby cries, pick her up promptly and determine what is wrong. Is she hungry? Too hot? Tired? Bored? Need a diaper change? Crying is your baby’s way of communicating that something is wrong or she needs attention.

Babies love to hear the voices of the people in their lives. Talk to your baby and respond to their coos and ‘ga, ga’s’ . Take the time to sing lullabies and read nursery rhymes with repeated patterns and sounds.

Your child has a life-time of learning ahead of her and it is important to get her off in the right direction by nurturing, touching, talking and playing with her.