Building Your Childs Self Esteem

Building self esteem in your child is critical for their happiness and success. People with high self esteem are better capable of dealing with stress and other problems that come from time to time. If you are concerned with your child’s self esteem it may be necessary to take a good look at yourself because our children typically learn such things from their parents. Help them build a strong self esteem by showing them what it looks like through you. You can start this by being positive when you speak about yourself and highlight your strengths. It is okay to be proud of your talents, skills, and abilities – teach your children such.

Offer positive praise to your child as well – I can remember days when it just seemed like all I was doing was scolding my daughter. She seemed to be constantly getting into trouble. The constant reprimanding created a negative environment for both of us. Once I realized what I was doing I was able to stop myself and take a different approach. I began to find areas where I could praise her and encourage her and instantly our day was turned around. Everyday we should be able to tell our kids we love them and to praise them for something. Show your child that positive acts merit positive praise and they will thrive.

Open and honest communication is another way to build your child’s self esteem. When they are feeling sad, angry, or depressed they should be able to come to you and express themselves without being judged or criticized. They may not fully understand why they feel the way they do, so the opportunity to communicate with you about it may be what’s needed to help them sort things out. This also gives you the opportunity to suggest positive feedback and options that will help.

If you have ever heard or read about Earl Nightingale you would know what he says about the secret to success.  He states, “We are products of our own thinking and belief systems.” As such if we think negatively our lives will be filled with negativity. In fact, negative thinking has been linked to anxiety and depression. On the other hand, positive thinking leads to a successful happier life.

First, improve your self esteem then go to work on your children. Focus on the positive, tell your kids you love them and show them what it is like to love themselves. Teach them to smile, stand up straight, look people in the eyes, to act independently, to take pride in their accomplishments, and to take responsibility for their actions – you will be glad you did.