Activities for Children

Taking Charge of the TV

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It’s hard to believe that by the time your child is in Kindergarten they have watched nearly 4,000 hours of TV. Experts agree, this is too much. However, banning TV altogether isn’t the answer. There are many age appropriate shows that can spark your child’s imagination and interests. As parents we should monitor not only […]

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Reading Activities For Parents and Children

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Reading to your child is a fun and educational activity you can both enjoy, no matter how old your child is. By reading to your child from the time he or she is an infant, you will help develop a lifelong love of books, and of learning. You will also contribute to your child’s early […]

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5 Fun Activities For Parents and Children

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Studies show that parents who are involved in their children’s lives by regularly engaging in family activities together, consistently have children who show less hyperactivity and aggressive behaviors than parents who are not as involved. If you are looking for activities to enjoy with your child, but aren’t sure what to choose, consider the following […]

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Kids Can Cook

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Often times, as parents we get home and just want to get dinner on the table so we can relax or move on to the next thing on our list to get done. But did you know that kids enjoy cooking with their parents? In fact, when they help make the evening meal they will […]

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Chore Charts for Toddlers

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Chore charts or sometimes called behavioral modification charts, I prefer chore charts, can be a great way to get your kids to participate around the home or improve their current behavior. These charts may sound very different, however, the anticipated results are the same. For example; I used to have a difficult time with my […]

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Cooking with the Kids

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As the cook in the family, it is nice to have help at times when preparing dinner. Kids love to eat and they love the sweet stuff but it is important to make sure they get plenty of nourishing foods to help them grow and live healthy lives. Any quality time that is spent with […]

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