Good-Bye Disney Channel

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I’ve never been big on cable, or in this case Dish, TV until we moved to the outskirts of town and it was the only option to get any reception. In the beginning, I was excited to see some of the channels which came with the package, like the Disney channel, but after a year […]

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One Stepping Stone at a Time

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all that demands our attention. Recently, I found myself hyperventilating whenever I thought about my schedule for the an upcoming week. My wife was in 5 showings of South Pacific, my daughter had dance practice, a dance rehearsal and 2 performances – all of which were taking place Wednesday […]

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Cost of Being Right

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Have you ever tried to reason with a child that thinks they know everything? I would venture to guess that every parent has experienced such an event. Where do children get this stubbornness from and why must they be so unwilling to change their point of view? I remember when my daughter was 7, she […]

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Teaching Your Children about Failure

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As a parent I often avoid using the term failure around my daughter. I don’t want my child to think I am a failure or worse yet that she is one. However, without ever talking about failure or letting her see that I fail from time to time I am not doing a very good […]

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Kids Make Mistakes

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Kids make mistakes! Sometimes very BIG ones but they still require love, patience, understanding and fairness when dealing with the choices they have made. As parents we are well aware of the fact that kids make mistakes. No matter how much we tell them right from wrong, good from bad they still find ways to […]

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5 Great Ways To Teach Your Toddler How To Share

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could remove the word “mine” from your child’s vocabulary. Unfortunately, you can’t, and your child will use the word “mine” often. It seems as if children instinctively don’t like sharing their toys with friends or family members, even if they’re not playing with that said toy at the moment. […]

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Keeping Food Safe During a Winter Power Outage

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Tips for keeping your food safe if you lose power in the middle of a severe weather event. Depending on where you live power outages can be a common problem. It’s likely if you live in such an area you know what to do but maybe you don’t experience a power outage very often, especially […]

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5 Ways To Become An Even Better Parent Than You Were Yesterday

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Who is the best parent you know? It could be your mom, your husband, the little lady who lives across the street, or anyone else you know. Chances are you’ve noticed someone’s parenting skills and been rather impressed by them. The reason people are good parents isn’t because they were born that way. I bet […]

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Step Mom Appreciation

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Introduction For several years I have had full custody of my precious daughter, a couple years ago I remarried and have watched the family dynamics change. I am no longer the favorite; when it is bed time my daughter wants her step mom to read to her, tell her a story and pick out tomorrow’s […]

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Fire Safety: What Your Kids Know Could Save Their Life

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The risk of fire in your home is present in almost every room, from the stove in your kitchen, the electrical cords in your bathroom, to the lamps in your living room. Although it is nearly impossible to eliminate the risk of fire completely, with a little foresight and planning, you can make your home […]

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Taking Charge of the TV

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It’s hard to believe that by the time your child is in Kindergarten they have watched nearly 4,000 hours of TV. Experts agree, this is too much. However, banning TV altogether isn’t the answer. There are many age appropriate shows that can spark your child’s imagination and interests. As parents we should monitor not only […]

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