Goal Setting

Why People Fail to Succeed

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One of the biggest reasons why people fail to succeed at life is because they fail to plan. Sure they have hopes and dreams but they don’t put those hopes and dreams into action. You do this by setting goals – an action plan to get what you want. Typically, a dream leads to a […]

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Achieve Goals by Avoiding Distractions

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There is something we all would like to accomplish or change in our lives. Whether it is replacing a bad habit with a good one or bettering ourselves in some sort of way. The best way to make a positive change in your life is by setting goals. As you set goals you put in […]

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Goal Setting for the Family

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Every year countless Americans set New Year resolutions in the hopes of changing a bad habit or two. The problem is the majority of these people give up soon after because of lack of direction, distractions, and no motivation. Changing habits and accomplishing new things typically requires more than a decision to do so, it […]

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Importance of Goal Setting

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We all want to achieve success in our lives and we want our children to succeed as well. The level and the meaning of success can be different from person to person; however, the benefits of goal setting are the same. Success typically doesn’t come without hard work and direction – goal setting is the […]

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