Parent Child Communication

Communication Problems Between Parents and Children

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Communication problems between parents and children arise for a variety of reasons that stem from stressful situations, instability, major life changes and a lack of communication from the beginning. Single parents face extreme challenges, especially when a parent becomes single after being in a marital relationship for many years. Some children may shut down and […]

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Successful Father Child Communication

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One of the biggest challenges for single fathers these days (parents in general) is communicating effectively with their child. We all strive for open and honest communication but become frustrated when it appears their attention is somewhere else and they aren’t listening. Yet we seem to find it perfectly acceptable to discuss things with them […]

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Communication Tips for Parents

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Effective communication between kids and parents is critical, and it isn’t always easy. Adults and children have different communication styles and different methods of reacting in a discussion. When it comes to communicating with anyone timing and atmosphere will play a major role in its success. As a parent you should take time from your […]

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Because I Said So

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Children are very inquisitive by nature, especially when they are younger. Their main resource of course is their parents. I remember Madalyn when she was 4 and the drive home from daycare used to make me crazy. She would ask a question, I would answer, and then she would answer with a “why”. I would […]

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Active Listening for Parents

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Healthy communication with our children, at any age, can be difficult at times. They feel like we aren’t listening to them and we feel they aren’t listening to us. Active listening and communication skills are critical when it comes to good parenting. Your child’s opinions and views are important not to mention their feelings. As […]

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