Step Parenting

Step Mom Appreciation

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Introduction For several years I have had full custody of my precious daughter, a couple years ago I remarried and have watched the family dynamics change. I am no longer the favorite; when it is bed time my daughter wants her step mom to read to her, tell her a story and pick out tomorrow’s […]

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Being a Step Parent

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Common Obstacles to Being a Step Parent Being a step parent can be really hard work. There are no concrete rules that you can use because every child is different. What works for some situations may not be any good in other scenarios. Most of the lectures go out the window when reality comes into […]

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Step Parenting Advice

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There are some basics that are sound step parenting advice in most situations. Keep in mind that not every child or individual step parent is the same, so nothing is absolutely the same with each family. Being a step parent takes a lot of patience, a good sense of who your step children are, and […]

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Step Parenting Young Children

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One of the most joyous times in a person’s life is when they marry and become parents. For some, this happens all at once, when a person marries someone who has children from a previous marriage or relationship and they have a ready-made family. Although this sounds like an ideal situation it’s important to remember […]

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