Chore Charts for Toddlers

Chore charts or sometimes called behavioral modification charts, I prefer chore charts, can be a great way to get your kids to participate around the home or improve their current behavior. These charts may sound very different, however, the anticipated results are the same. For example; I used to have a difficult time with my daughter staying in bed all night. Ninety percent of the time she ended up in mine that is until I created a chore chart for her. On this chart were things such as brushing her teeth, sleeping in her bed, picking up her toys, and feeding the cat.

These were all things that at her age, five years old, were very doable. Matter of fact she was very excited because with each accomplishment she would get a sticker on her chart and if the weekly results were good she would also get a special treat such as a new toy or an extra popsicle for dessert. I even give her an allowance of $.50 per week for her to put in her piggy bank. Heck at five years old that looks like a lot of money especially if some of it is in pennies.

Chore charts can be used for children, and even adults, of all ages. For younger children it is important to remember that they aren’t perfect and can’t do complex tasks. They probably won’t remember to do each chore everyday but then again neither do I. Both you and your child will get great satisfaction out of completing the weekly tasks.

Young children love to help out around the home, in fact, you probably don’t have to put to much on their chore chart to get them to do so. Here is a list of some typical things that children in this age range can do.

  • Make their bed (don’t expect perfection)
  • Bring you their dirty laundry
  • Wash their body in the bath (you may need to make sure they are doing a decent job)
  • Pick up their toys and books
  • Help fold towels (they are great at this)
  • Put their clean clothes away
  • Brush their teeth (may require some supervision)
  • Help with cleaning such as dusting off tables
  • Feeding the cat or dog
  • Help with cooking (this is a great way to spend time together)
  • Putting away the dishes
  • Setting the table
  • Help putting groceries away
  • Sleep in their bed all night
  • Practice their writing, numbers, and ABCs

If you think that these tasks seem to be too much for toddlers you will be surprised. My five year old does all of these things and it is a blast. She is always there to lend a hand and when she gets a sticker on her chart for completing on of the above she smiles from ear to ear. Also when you do this you are building independence, teaching responsibility, and building their self-esteem.

I have created some simple chore charts for you to use, to get you started. I highly recommend spending some time with your kids making one together that is fun and silly. Makes for a great art project on a rainy day.

Printable Chore Charts for Toddlers

Free Chore Charts for Toddlers
Printable Chore Charts