Educational Coloring and Activity Books

Free educational coloring books on teaching children their ABCs, fire safety, nature, recycling, and much more. Download and print for free.   

Below is a list of educational and fun resources for you and your children. Print them off and use them as you wish. Most were published by our government for educational purposes. With these free educational coloring and activity books your children, and possibly yourself, will learn a thing or two while spending quality time together. Enjoy!

Alphabet Coloring Book – Provides the letters of the alphabet to color and with each letter there is a crop grown in California along with a “Fun Fact”.

Birds of the Basins Activity Book – Learn your birds of the Basins and color them as you go. Includes Activities.

FSA for Kids Coloring and Activity Book – Activities and coloring pages that teach the importance of agriculture and the role it plays in our lives.

Farmers Market Coloring Book and Having Fun at Your Local Farmers Market – Includes simple coloring sheets that discuss agriculture, the growing of crops, and visiting a farmer’s market.

USDA Food Safety Coloring Book – Learn the basics about food safety with your kids. Packed full of useful information that will teach your kids and you a thing or two about food safety. Plenty of coloring pages to add to the fun.

Arizona Coloring Book – Learn about Arizona and the agriculture contributions the state makes. Has plenty of pictures of horses to color. Fun facts included.

Flying High on Conservation Coloring and Activity Book – Short coloring and activity book that promotes conservation awareness.

Web of Life Activity Booklet – Activities promoting the awareness that everything large and small are connected.

Family Tree Story Coloring and Activity Book – Teaches about the men and women who work for and are involved in the Forestry industry.

Working Trees Story and Coloring Book – Teaches the importance of trees, and the many jobs they perform in our environment.

The Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book – Learn about Earth Day and how you can make a difference.

Thirstin’s Wacky Water Adventures – Learn about water conservation and water treatment with this coloring story and activity book.

A Chesapeake Bay Story – Chessie represents all those creatures that depend on the Bay for food and habitat.

A Salmon’s Tale – A coloring book about the natural adventure of the Atlantic Salmon.

Urban Survival Coloring Book – Coloring and activity book on what to do if there is a fire and watching out for hazardous materials.

Chessie Returns – A coloring story book about Chessie, a friendly Bay monster, which highlights human development as a problem for Cesapeake Bay.

Storm Drain Dan 2 – Coloring activity book that teaches the importance of keeping storm drains pollution free.

Storm Drain Dan 3 – Coloring activity book that teaches the importance of keeping storm drains pollution free.

The Coast Guard Safety Dog Coloring Book – Safety tips and adventures of the coast guard.

Kids Who Care – Coloring and activity book that teaches about recycling, reducing, and reusing.

The True Story of Inky the Whale – Coloring activity book that teaches the importance of protecting our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans from pollution.

The Air We Breathe – Learn what you and your family can do for clean air coloring and activity book.

Clean Air – Clean air coloring book.

Washington Activity Book – Learn about the great state of Washington coloring and activity book.

Recycling Activity Book – Learn about the importance of recycling and keeping our earth clean, activity and coloring book.

Fire Safety Activity Book – This activity book is designed to help children understand basic concepts of fire safety, burn prevention, and emergency procedures.

The ABCs of Good Health – Coloring activity book that teaches the importance of having good healthy habits.

The Adventures of Captain Cleanwater – Coloring activity book for kids about clean and safe boating.

Water N Kids Coloring Book – Coloring book that teaches the importance of water safety.

The Noxious Weed Coloring Book – Learn about different types of noxious weeds and the problems they cause.

The Washington State Coloring Book – Coloring story book that teaches about Washington state.

Official Oregon Coloring Book – Coloring story book that teaches the features Oregon people, places and things.

Poison Patrol – Coloring and activity book that teaches about poisons.

Fish, Wildlife and People – Coloring and activity book that teaches how to care for America so that future generations can enjoy it years to come.

Burl the Squirrel – Washington State Department of Transportation coloring and activity book about the I90 project.

Endangered and Threatened Species – Informational coloring book of endangered and threatened species of the lower Columbia River.

Wildlife of Pennsylvania – Information, illustrations, and habitat specific coloring pages for wildlife in Pennsylvania.

Endangered Species Coloring Book – Endanged species coloring and story book from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Coast Guard History – Learn about more than 200 years of coast guard hisory.

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book – Children can learn about fire, earthquakes, floods, tornados and other disasters, as well as how to protect themselves — all while having fun coloring.