Encourage Your Child Early

As parents we all love our children and we want to see them grow up and succeed – to excel in school, sports, and life in general. At the same time we all have different goals for our children and even though the end result may be a bit different how we get there is pretty much the same and that is through encouraging them and taking interest in what they like.

Encouraging your child should start at a very young age, in fact it seems to be a natural response when they are but mere babies. The way you clap and get excited when they first sit up on their own, take their first step, or says their first word. Each time you make a fuss over your child’s accomplishments you are encouraging them. This builds confidence in them and they take more steps – say more words.

Day-after-day, month-after-month as you routinely take interest in what your child does – encouraging them along the way you will be providing them with the tools to live successful lives. Parents that take the time to be involved in their child’s life, encourage them, love them, and be a positive role model will instill characteristics such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Positive self-image
  • Drive to meet their goals
  • Respect for rules
  • Positive attitude towards life

In today’s society, developing these characteristics in your child isn’t always easy. You have to compete with T.V., video games, internet, social networking, daily chores, “me time”, work, and everything else that requires a piece of our time. You thought I was talking about the children… nope these are things that distract us as parents that we need to prioritize ourselves.

Our priorities can interfere with our goals for our children and we can sabotage our efforts to be active in their lives. Think about what would happen if you didn’t show interest in what your child was doing. In the beginning they would experience some victories on their own but eventually they would lose interest and stop trying. They have nobody supporting them and encouraging them to take the next step. Just like if you were to courage your child each day the lack of encouragement will affect them for the rest of their lives.

3 “Don’ts” That Will Negatively Affect Your Child

  1. Don’t let your insecurities rub off on your children. Encourage them to check out things that interest them even if you don’t care for them yourself. For example; enroll them in swimming lessons even though you are scared of the water or don’t scream out load when they are at the top of the monkey bars and you are scared of heights.
  2. Don’t let the days tick away without showing interest in things that your child likes. With our busy lives the days can blow by pretty darn quick and you need to take the time to stop and spend quality time with your child.
  3. Don’t squash your child’s goals and dreams with your own. Yes, we all want to have a doctor in the family but a starving artist is good too – because that is your child pursuing their dream. You can help your child experience many different areas of life but ultimately they are going to have to choose their own path.

Make it your purpose in life to raise positive thinking children by encouraging them early on and showing interest in the things they enjoy doing. Set your child up for success by giving them the self-confidence and drive to meet their goals and being the role model they need.