Fifth Grader Searched and Ridiculed

I don’t know how many of you have heard about Melody Valentin, a 5th grader from Philadelphia being searched, scolded and bullied at her school for trying to throw away a piece of scrap paper that resembled a gun, REALLY?

It all started when she was throwing this piece of paper away when another child alerted school officials that Melody had brought a paper gun to school. She was searched and reprimanded by school officials, in front of other students, for bringing a paper gun to school. This official not only handled the situation poorly but threatened to have her arrested; she was humiliated in front of other children which led to bullying and her being called a “murderer” by other students.

For starters, to call this “paper gun” a gun is a far stretch for school officials and the media. It could easily (and more likely) be considered a scrap piece of paper or the letter ‘L’, nevertheless, this is another prime example where zero tolerance and zero commonsense collide.

I mean really, this looks more like a piece of paper someone tore the corner off in order to throw their gum away.

Ahh!! Everyone take cover and get under the desk in fear of the realistic paper gun.