Fire Safety: What Your Kids Know Could Save Their Life

The risk of fire in your home is present in almost every room, from the stove in your kitchen, the electrical cords in your bathroom, to the lamps in your living room. Although it is nearly impossible to eliminate the risk of fire completely, with a little foresight and planning, you can make your home environment a safer place for the ones you love. The best course of action is to not only teach your kids about fire prevention, but also show them what to do should a fire ever occur. There are three main fire topics you should discuss with your children.

Fire Prevention

Smoke detectors are one of the greatest ways to help save your life during a fire. To keep your children mindful of fire safety, ask them to remind you to test your smoke detectors monthly. Your children should be well aware of the piercing sound the smoke detector makes. Teach them that this sound means FIRE and that they must escape immediately. Also, tech your kids about the fire risk in your home and create rules for your children about “adults only” items such as matches, electronics, candles, heaters, and ovens. Some great tips/rules for the home are: 1) Never throw anything over a lamp (such as a blanket), as it can catch fire. 2) Don’t touch matches. If you see any within reach, tell an adult. 3) Don’t stick anything into an electrical socket or play with anything that has a cord. 4) Don’t play around in the kitchen. Ask an adult first before you cook anything. 5) Be careful around stoves, heaters, radiators, and fire places. These things can be extremely HOT and can burn you.


The most effective way to getting out of a fire alive is to have an escape plan prepared. Practice your escape plan with your children in every single room in your home, and practice it frequently. Your children should know of at least two ways to escape from each room. The two most important things for your children to remember are: DON’T HIDE, GO OUTSIDE and FALL AND CRAWL. It is easier to breath during a fire on the ground. Additionally, tell kids to test the doorknob with their hand before they open the door. A hot doorknob indicates that a fire is close and that they should consider an alternative route of escape.

Fire Safety

If your child does catch fire, they should know to immediately STOP, DROP, & ROLL until the fire is extinguished. They should NEVER run while on fire because running causes the flames to burn faster. You should discuss a safe meeting place for you and your children to meet after a fire- this could be a landmark or a neighbor’s house. Kids should also know to NEVER GO BACK INSIDE A BURNING BUILDING. The may be tempted to do so if pets or loved ones are still inside, but assure them that that is the job of firefighter.

Remember: prevention, preparation, and safety.

About the Author: John writes for Essential Fire Safety, a leader in home fire safety equipment.