Helping Your Child Learn Math

Not everyone likes math and although parents can be a positive influence in their kid’s life when it relates to math they can also undermine their ability and attitude towards it. You can’t make your child like math but you can encourage them to do their best and show them that math is important.

Helping Your Child Learn Math Tips

  • Check your child’s math homework and other assignments.
  • Help your child understand that math is part of everyday life.
  • Point out that many jobs require math skills.
  • Stimulate your child’s interest in technology.
  • Set high standards for your child and challenge them to succeed.

Importance of learning Math

Helping your child learn math will benefit them in many ways; even though there is usually one right answer, problems can be solved in different ways. Learning math is more than finding the right answer; it is also a process of solving problems and applying what you’ve learned to new problems.

Whether in relation to math or any other subject in life we all make mistakes. Accuracy is important, however, analyzing mistakes can help understand the concepts underlying the problem and to learn to apply reasoning skills to find the right answer.

Teach your child the value of risk taking and trying to solve math equations, even if they are challenging. As they work on them, encourage them to talk about what they are thinking. This strengthens their math skills and assists them with problem solving.

As a parent you can help your child want to learn. The desire to learn is the key to their success and the best way to keep them motivated is to make learning fun. You can teach your children a lot about math through play. Below are some activities for helping teach your child math.

Math Activities for Children

Math Activities in the Home

Rhyme and Sing – Preschool
Number Hunt – Preschool
Walk and Count – Preschool – Kindergarten
Find It – Preschool – Kindergarten
Sort It Out – Preschool – Kindergarten
Shape Up – Preschool – Kindergarten
A Weigh to Go – Kindergarten – Grade 1
Penny, Nickel, Dime – Kindergarten – Grade 1
Treasure Hunt – Kindergarten – Grade 1
In the News – Kindergarten – Grade 1
Fill It Up – Grades 1-2
Tracking Time – Grades 2-3
Fraction Action – Grades 2-3
Simply Symmetrical – Grades 3-5

Math Activities at the Grocery Store

One Potato, Two Potatoes – Preschool
Ready, Set, Shop! – Kindergarten – Grade 1
Get Into Shapes – Kindergarten – Grade 1
Clip and Save – Grades 1-2
Weighing In – Grades 3-4
Check It Out – Grades 3-4
Put It Away – Grades 1-5

Math Activities on the Go

Off We Go – Preschool
Are We There Yet? – Kindergarten – Grade 2
Number Search – Kindergarten – Grade 3
License Plate Riddles – Grades 2-4
License Plate Special – Grades 2-4
Ease on Down the Road – Grades 3-4

Math Activities for Fun

During summer vacations, on rainy days, while waiting at the doctor’s office or on a stroll through the neighborhood, learning never ends. Children can explore some fascinating mathematical possibilities in the world around them every day. For instance, math can be found outdoors in nature: Look for symmetry in leaves; count the number, sizes and kinds of trees on your street; and look at the various shapes and patterns of blooming flowers. Children will be learning math and enjoying it, too! The activities in this section can be done anytime and anywhere.

A Tower of Numbers – Preschool
Count It Out – Preschool – Kindergarten
Guess What I’m Thinking – Kindergarten – Grade 2
Open for Business – Grades 1-5
What Coins Do I Have? – Grades 2-5
What Are My Chances? – Grades 2-5
Card Smarts – All Grade Levels
Calculated Answers – All Grade Levels

Source: U.S. Department of Education