Kids Can Cook

Often times, as parents we get home and just want to get dinner on the table so we can relax or move on to the next thing on our list to get done. But did you know that kids enjoy cooking with their parents? In fact, when they help make the evening meal they will be more inclined to eat what’s set before them.

Cooking as a family is also a great way to spend quality time together. No matter how old a person is we all like to spend quality time with someone and that goes for our kids too.

Cooking involves talking, reading and following directions. It is a great opportunity to teach simple skills such as reading a recipe and math skills by counting and measuring. Following step-by-step instructions help your children understand the process especially when they witness the results firsthand.

Older children will be able to learn about other cultures when cooking. They will understand relationships in food preparation; for example if you use too much flour in your cookie recipe they may come out dry and hard.

You will be amazed at how fast your children learn new things when cooking in the kitchen. They are more than happy to get their hands dirty and help out but remember they can be a bit messy so be prepared for some extra cleanup.

Cooking with your kids will give them a sense of pride and it shows them we need their help and they are big enough to provide help. Our children are the most important things to us, so let’s let them feel important too.