Kindergarten Reader Checklist

These skills usually develop when a child is in Kindergarten. If you have questions talk to your child’s teacher.

  • Does your child listen carefully when you read books aloud?
  • Does your child know the shapes and names of the letters of the alphabet and write some of them?
  • Does your child know that spoken words are made of separate sounds?
  • Can you child recognize and make rhymes?
  • Can your child sound out some letters?
  • Does your child know that the order of letters in a word stands for the order of sounds in the word?
  • Does your child know some “sight” words such as; a, I, the and you?
  • Does your child know how to hold a book and follow the words from left to right and top to bottom?
  • Does your child ask and answer questions about stories.
  • Can your child predict what will happen in some stories and is able to retell stories?
  • Can your child write down some letters, especially their first, last names and their phone number?