Optimism Leads to Success

Have you ever been around people that are always pessimistic? They just seem to drain the energy out of a room and have nothing good to say. “The glass is half empty” is their motto and they really don’t have much to look forward to from day to day. Now compare that to the person with just the opposite motto of “The glass being half full.” These people are a joy to be around and they attract success, friends, and opportunities. Which type of person would you want to be around? An even more important question is, “Which type do you want your children to be?”

Raising optimistic children should be near the top of our list as parents. It isn’t about seeing things through rose colored glasses where we see things to be more pleasant than they really are or we aren’t realistic about what is really going on around us. It is just the opposite, children that can build on their experiences, see themselves for who they really are and set goals to be better, try harder, learn something new, reach a new level of success, etc because they have a positive outlook on life. It is about raising children that see a barrier and instead of letting the barrier prevent them from moving forward they come up with ways to overcome.

Children with a positive attitude will live healthier lives filled with ups and downs, however, with their “get’er done attitude” they will experience greater levels of joy and success than those that let life push them around. Optimistic children will tend to make wiser decisions, have healthier relationships, avoid drugs and alcohol, and will have self-confidence.

How to Raise Optimistic Children

In this day and age it can be difficult raising optimistic children; each day with the nightly news we are reminded of society’s shortfalls and the problems throughout the world. As parents we need to put these things behind us and teach our children by example. Teach them that it is possible to be realistic and optimistic at the same time – that these things compliment one another. So many people simply don’t see it this way, if you are an optimist then you are not a realist. By the time most of us become parents we have been through one trial after another and it can be difficult changing our attitudes towards life but think of the great people that have that have changed our world. Jesus Christ, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Davinci, Bach, Martin Luther King, Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, and many more all had dreams and visions. They were optimistic! Children that are positive and optimistic are our futures leaders, great explorers, inventors, artists, and our pride and joy.

Raising optimistic children has to start at home. They have to see how you, as their parents, handle daily life and what you do with the “lemons” that roll your way.

Tips for Being Optimistic and Raising Optimists

  • Realize the world is not out to get you
  • The past doesn’t have to define you
  • You don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances
  • Use positive affirmations to start seeing things in a new light
  • Life is short so make the best of it
  • Give of your time by helping others – people who give are happier people
  • Don’t give up – no matter if you seem to run into road block after road block, keep on trying