Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

This is the point where you wonder, “Where has the time gone.” At least one of the times you will think that. Your child is starting preschool in preparation for Kindergarten and it seems just like yesterday you were teaching them to walk. Now they are excited for school, excited to ride the big yellow bus, and being with other kids. Here are some helpful parenting tips to prepare them for the next step:

  • Continue to read to your child. Go to the public library to find new things to read and check out their kids programs like story time or puppet show.
  • Check for community programs offered by the city, they have art classes, dance classes, and much more for all ages.
  • Kids at this age can help with simple chores like feeding the pets, folding towels, and setting the table. Get them involved and put together a chore chart.
  • Encourage your child to play with other children, they can be shy too at times. This helps them to learn the value of friendship.
  • Talk to your child using adult sentences and correct their words and phrases along the way.
  • Be clear and consistent with the rules and disciplining your child. Model the type of behavior you expect from them.

Safety Tips for Preschoolers

  • Explain to your child why it is important to stay out of traffic and to not play or run into the street.
  • Even when riding their tricycle they will find ways to wreck so keep an eye on them. If teaching them to ride a bike, even with training wheels, make sure they have a good helmet.
  • Check outdoor playground equipment for loose parts or sharp objects. Also look for broken glass and other hazardous material that may harm your child.
  • Keep an eye on your child when they are outside playing.
  • Teach your child manners and how to interact with other people, especially safety concerns.
  • Teach them your phone number and an emergency number and explain to them what they mean and when to use them.