Recipes and Tips for Cooking with the Kids

Parents can and should involve children at a young age in several activities around the home, one of which is cooking. When introducing cooking activities to your children their involvement is determined by their age.

Here are some tips to help you involve your children in the kitchen:

Age 2 – Children are learning to use their large muscles in their arms so encourage cooking activities such as:

  • Dipping foods
  • Scrubbing veggies and fruits in the sink
  • Carrying unbreakable items to the dinner table
  • Tearing lettuce and salad greens
  • and breaking bread into pieces

Age 3 – Children are learning to use their hands and want to get more involved so consider cooking activities such as:

  • Pouring liquids from measuring cups
  • Mixing ingredients in bowl
  • Shaking liquids or ingredients in a closed container
  • Spreading peanut butter and jelly
  • Kneading dough
  • Washing veggies and fruits
  • Serving foods
  • Throwing things in the trash when preparing food or after a meal

Ages 4 to 5 – Children are learning to control small muscles in their finger so try cooking activities such as:

  • Juicing lemons, oranges, or limes
  • Peeling fruits and vegetables
  • Mashing soft fruits and vegetables
  • Cleaning and scrubbing vegetables
  • Using a plastic knife to cut soft foods
  • Making cookies with cookie cutters
  • Measuring out dry ingredients
  • Cracking open or peeling hard boiled eggs
  • Setting the table
  • Cleaning up after cooking
  • Help clearing the table after dinner

Safety Tips for Kids When Cooking

  1. You want to make doubly sure that they don’t get close to the stove when it is on so not to get burned.
  2. You want to prevent types of food poisoning by always washing hand before and after cooking.
  3. Keep a close eye on the kids so they don’t handle or eat raw foods such as meat and eggs.
  4. Provide a level surface for the kids to work from such as a stool or chair.
  5. Use plastic knifes and other kitchen supplies when cooking with the kids.

Fun Recipes for Cooking with the Kids  (printable in pdf format for your convenience)

Banana Ana Smoothie
Breakfast Banana Split
BBQ Chicken
Chicken Little Soup
Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry
Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls
Easy Cheesy Veggies
Frozen Fruit Pops
Fruity French Toast
Humpty Dumptys Omlette
Lentil Soup
Little Red Riding Hoods Chili
Macaroni and Cheese
Mini Pizzas
Scalloped Potatoes
Ninja Shells
On Top of Spaghetti
Oven Fries
Pasta Salad with Veggies
Southern Corn Bread
Sunshine Salsa
Three Little Pigs Vegetable Soup
Tooty Fruity Salad
Veggie Lasagna
Yankee Noodle Dandy Soup