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Parenting: How to Cultivate Your Child

Raising children is the most important task that parents have been bestowed and we cannot do it in ignorance. To correctly parent we need to better understand what it entails and learn about the development of children. Your child may inherit instincts, his peculiar temperament and certain tastes but he won’t inherit habits, temptations or prejudices; those are learned. Children are products of their mothers, fathers and their environment; they will have similar characteristics and pick up on many things, good and bad.

Environment Teaches

The environment has a powerful influence in developing our children’s character. The power of the environment combined with appropriate training can fashion a child. For example; pick out any trait you want in your child, be it honesty, purity, lovableness, fairness, integrity, etc. By surrounding this child with sunshine from the sky, by feeding this child well-balanced, nutritious food, by giving it all that is implied in a healthful environment influences, and by doing all in love, you can cultivate in the child the desired traits. However, if you were to give the child foul air to breathe, keep him in an unwholesome school-room, take away the music, laughter and happy faces, cram his mind with so-called knowledge and so forth it is likely by the age of 10 you will have the opposite traits.

Good Habits Help Children to Grow

Building positive life-long habits in our children is key to their success. A habit is the tendency to make certain actions automatic. It is a great time saver and forms the basis for training and the acquirement of skill. Any activity whatsoever when reduced to an automatic state is termed as a habit. Habits are formed when an activity begins; the tendency is to persist until satisfaction is reached. If the movement results in pain or even discomfort, or if the end reached is not satisfactory then the child will likely discontinue trying. Whenever the end reached gives satisfaction, the activity is sure to be repeated and these later attempts, efforts will be made to reach the end more quickly and with less effort. This is done by eliminating the unnecessary movements and combining the right ones until the complete process is performed with ease and skill.

Habits dominate us throughout our lives and they should be our most helpful and reliable servants, but they are often our enemies that hold us back, that bind us hand and foot, and prevent the realization of our highest possibilities.

Parenting is never easy but it is rewarding, especially when we reap the benefits of watching our children grow into the healthy successful adults we hoped for. Providing a healthy environment, nourishing meals, fresh air, laughter, positive habits and good role models helps children grow and succeed in life.