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Giving Your 2 Year Old a Haircut

In the early years it is tempting to give your child a haircut. I mean why not they won’t care if you mess it up right, and how hard could it be? Well, speaking from experience, giving a haircut is harder than it looks.

When my daughter was 2 I remember giving her a haircut for the first time, for her and me both. It wasn’t going to be anything to radical, so I thought; I was only going to trim up the bangs so they weren’t in her eyes.

Towards the end of her bath I did a comb, comb, comb and a snip, snip, snip and thought WOW what a good job, who says single parenting for dads is hard… To my surprise – after I dried munchkin off I was left gazing at what wasn’t such a good haircut. Since I cut her bangs while they were wet I ended up cutting way to much off leaving her without any bangs. Thank God she didn’t care and that it would grow back! Teachers at her daycare on the other hand weren’t quite as forgiving and it was recommended that I fork out $8 to get it done right next time.

I have learned my lesson and no longer cut my little girl’s hair. For many dads out there considering this I recommend not cutting it while it is wet and not to get carried away. It was still a great experience for me but remember that as they get older they will be less forgiving and when your teenagers see those pictures of many years ago they may never talk to you again.