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I’m Right, You’re Wrong

Children can be bossy enough as it is so don’t add fuel to the fire by always having to be right. They just may pick up the habit and be exactly the same way.

Ego has a way of getting in the way especially when it comes to parenting. There is something about a child questioning what a parent has to say. Children have a tendency to question almost anything, whether it is fact or opinion creating tense situations.

Some people are obsessed about being right; they argue with their neighbors, co-workers, family members and anyone else who shares an opinion that isn’t the same as their own. In their pursuit to be validated and agreed with it creates frustration and disappointment when people don’t fall in line and agree. The problem is most of the controversy deals with opinion and everyone has one. Our opinions are based upon life’s experiences and it varies from person to person. When we start arguing about the right route to take, how to do the dishes, how to fold the towels, whom the best writer of all time is, the best way to manage money and the list on and on; we close ourselves off from a world of possibilities. In essence we cease growing because we no longer value input from outside sources; we think we know it all.

As parents we want our children to listen but we also want them to grow up making their own decisions, developing their own opinions. If we alienate the people around us our relationships will suffer and this includes family.

Being right all the time means others need to be wrong and when we do this we come off looking self-righteous, close-minded, presumptuous, judgmental, argumentative, stuck up and unloving. There is much we can still learn from the people in our lives, in fact that is why people are in our lives; to challenge us, teach us and help us be better today than yesterday.

We have a lot to teach our children and one of those things is to think for themselves and they can’t do that if they are constantly being told they are wrong. Eventually, they will stop voicing their opinion, they will feel stupid and they will develop low self-esteem.

We don’t always mean to develop a “I’m right , you’re wrong” mindset but it happens and the good news is it can be broken, just like a bad habit. Take the time to slow down and consider what others have to say. Open your mind to new ideas, ways of doing things and begin to grow. Let go of your ego and the need to be right; when you do life is much more enjoyable for you and your family.