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Why People Fail to Succeed

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to succeed at life is because they fail to plan. Sure they have hopes and dreams but they don’t put those hopes and dreams into action. You do this by setting goals – an action plan to get what you want. Typically, a dream leads to a decision but if that decision isn’t followed up with a plan then it won’t come to be.

  • People fail to succeed because they lose interest or motivation in what they are doing. The best way around this is to set goals that are measurable.
  • If you set unrealistic goals you are only setting yourself up for failure. You need to be able to actually achieve what you have set out to do, if not you will become discouraged and give up.
  • Distractions are another major issue when it comes to success vs. failure. Distractions can become bad habits if you are not careful. For example, you want to spend more quality time with your children (that is your goal) but work wears you down and night after night you click on the TV to relax. Eventually, your new habit is watching TV rather than spending quality time with your children. You need to minimize the distractions and follow through with your decision.
  • Set-backs can occur when you are setting goals and the last thing you should do is give up because of them. We can’t be perfect everyday and if your goal is reasonable you should not have any problem getting back on track. Life is full of surprises and we can’t predict everything that is going to happen. Expect set-backs, plan for them, and don’t give up.
  • Goals don’t have to be boring. Make meeting your goals fun. If you do not like what you are doing and the new habit simply doesn’t please you it may not be something that you will continue for a long time. Either change the goal or the way you think about it. Be positive and picture the benefits that come with achieving your goal.

Setting goals and achieving them is great for the whole family. It shows your children how to overcome obstacles, it builds self-confidence, unity, the quality of life is better, promotes good decision making, and faith within the family. Setting and achieving goals is a win/win situation.

Learn to set healthy goals for you and your children!