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Jump Start Your Family on a Healthy Lifestyle

Maybe you have been considering making a lifestyle change for you and your family. You have realized that you don’t look and feel as good as you used too or your children seem to have turned into junk food junkies. As parents you can take action but you need to do it as a family and you must be a positive role model for your children.

For some families getting healthy is a major lifestyle change. But that should not deter you from proceeding. You have much more control than you may think but it will take some discipline. You can turn off the TV and take the kids to the park or go for a walk. Limit the amount of video games your children play and encourage them to go out and kick the ball around.

When it comes to cooking serve more vegetables and get back to the basics. Eat foods in the right proportions and don’t over do it.

When you and your family start eating healthier and getting physically active, think about the benefits such as; when you go hiking with your teenager it might lead to a wonderful talk about life that was unexpected. So many things can happen when you start to pull away from the daily grind of life and enjoy it more. You connect with the people you love and give and receive attention. There are many positive things that can happen when you and your family make a major lifestyle change such as this one.

All this may sound pretty good but it may take a little convincing with the other family members. Suggesting that everyone take a run everyday may get you booted out of the family. Unless everyone is on board with the idea you should make small, easy changes over time. Take a walk after dinner a couple nights a week instead of turning on the TV. Eat strawberries over angel food cake instead of cake and ice cream for dessert.

You can even make changes without your family knowing that will benefit their health. For example you could use low fat milk in recipes instead of whole milk… Eating healthy meals doesn’t mean that things won’t be good, in fact they will be. Tie that into an active lifestyle and you will greatly increase the overall health of your family.

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Take Action for a Healthy Weight

It is easy to get caught up in the seemingly endless things that need to be done. To save time we start cutting corners; eating fast food and pre-packaged foods that tend to be high in additives, sodium, and calories. The majority of Americans have no idea of how many calories they are consuming each day let alone their families.

Obesity is a national epidemic and needs to be addressed. As a parent you can take action for you and your children. Obtaining a healthy weight and maintaining it require two things: smart food choices and being physically active.

Parenting by Example is something we all have told ourselves we were going to do as parents. Many have found that sometimes this can be quite challenging but it isn’t too late to make changes. You make a huge difference in what your children do and think – You are their role models. Would it be safe to say that if you were to take the first step to eating right and getting physically active then they would follow? Odds are on your side that they will follow suit and the sooner you get started the better; for everyone.

When families come together on a decision they are more likely to be successful; doing it on your own can come with challenges so it is important to get everyone involved. Creating healthy family habits that revolve around eating right and getting active can make is easier for everyone to maintain a healthy weight.