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How to Stop Toddler Whining

Just like with finger nails scratching their way down a chalk board, whining can have the same affect on a parent. The funny thing is – no matter a person’s age whining can occur and some people are really good at it.

How to stop toddler whining is a fairly simple process but you first must know why they are whining and one of the best ways to discover this is look at the reasons you may whine.

As a single father I can find myself being stretched rather thin at times and when things begin to get to me or I forget to eat lunch I can get a bit fussy. Toddlers are the same; if they are hungry, tired, uncomfortable, and needing attention they may whine in order to resolve the problem they are having.

Steps on How to Stop Toddler Whining

  1. Figure out why they are whining. If they are tired then they need to be given a nap, hungry fed, or if they are cold give them a blankey.
  2. When your child whines don’t over react to it. Calmly tell them that you don’t understand them when they are whining and need to use their normal voice.
  3. Pay attention when your child is talking and let them know they have been heard and understood.
  4. Set limits and expectations and be consistent. Eventually the whining will get less and less.
  5. Remember that your child has limits and you need to prepare for exceeding those limits. If you know you are going to be busy and lunch may be a bit late then make sure you bring a snack for your child.
  6. Sometimes you just have to ignore it.
  7. Parenting by example; if you find yourself whining at times then you need to work on stopping it as well.

When correcting your child it is important to keep your response simple, calm and neutral. If you get excited or mad then they may react to it making things much worse then they really are. Praise them when conveying information to you without whining, especially if you know they are really hungry or tired and they tell you in their normal voice. Whining can become a bad habit but if you stay on top of it you can easily teach your child effective forms of communicating with you.