Teach Teamwork with Chores

For any parent that has a toddler you know how excited they are to help around the house. They want to do everything that you do, however, they don’t quite have the hang of certain things yet and they can tend to make things go in the opposite direction than you intended.

At a young age, your child can learn to do certain tasks around the home. By finding the right mix of chores for them to do you can get them involved and teach them teamwork and responsibility. As you work together with your toddler you can build a sense of unity between you and your child.

When assigning chores to your child you want to make sure that they are doable and within the child’s limits to achieve or else you may only frustrate them. By giving them age appropriate tasks you set them up to succeed at a very young age. You would be surprised what they can do and with very little practice.

For example; a five year old is good at watering and feeding pets, they can even clean up the mess if they miss the bowl. They can also fold towels, make their bed, clean their room, help set the dinner table, put dishes away, and dust furniture. Given the chance your kid may impress the socks off you.

As you give your child chores to do you need to make sure they are completed to your expectations and on the same note you want to make sure your expectations are achievable. Kids will tell you what they like and don’t like to do, discuss this with them to come up with the best plan that meets everyone’s needs.

A great way to keep them motivated and on task when doing their chores is to implement a chore chart so they are reminded that they have their own tasks to complete. Then over a set period of time reward them for their hard work with a special treat or a new toy.

As you work with your child doing things around the house you will be achieving many things; you will be making your environment cleaner and more livable, you will be spending quality time with your kid while teaching responsibility, unity, self-worth, and teamwork. What more could you ask for?