The Blessing of a Child

Not everyone may agree that the greatest thing on earth is a little child; that is unless you, yourself are a parent. When a child is born it is an amazing experience that even winning the lottery cannot replace. The helpless little child awakens the hardest of hearts, melting them like ice; the most selfish soul is warmed into new life by the contemplation of a new little child. Gaze upon the innocent face, not yet touched by the hand of time, contemplate the helpless body which must develop powers that will enable it to fight life’s battles. There is no doubt that a child is a blessing!

With a child comes great responsibility, learning, fear and uncertainty. The world itself is full of dangers and pitfalls that must be avoided at every turn. Even the best of parents don’t know all it takes to raise and protect their child. The paths their little feet will tread, places they will go and what they will grow into are all unknown but that is how it was for all of us and as a child is the greatest blessing to a parent; a loving parent is the greatest blessing to a child.

As a parent you want to see your child grow up into a healthy-good person, not one that has gone astray. The best we can do is learn what it takes to be a good parent, combine that with a safe and loving home the odds are you will be a great parent and raise an outstanding child. From the day a child is born the journey starts for both child and parent, the road winds and turns, lessons are learned, mistakes are made and life seems to be a constant warfare. The result of the battle will largely depend upon the character of the training the parents provide their child.

As you train your child you will do much more than teach them; you will instill in them healthy habits that will stick with them all their lives. Teaching gives the child facts; training enables your child to make use of the knowledge he possesses. Children should not be merely taught to know what is right but they should be trained to be good and to do right and this all starts with being a positive role model.

Learn How to Teach Your Children Healthy Habits and Goals Early in Life.