Train Your Children Early

Teaching provides your child with new facts. Training enables your child to make use of the knowledge he possess.

Training versus teaching your children, which is more important? Life is full of learning opportunities, missed opportunities and even wasted opportunities. Even though teaching is very important, training is more so. Children should be more than taught what is right, they should be trained to do right.

Every child will receive some kind of training and every parent should be very mindful of this. During every waking moment every child is being trained. Every sense is reaching out for knowledge, all of which helps determine his training. The goal should be to make sure the training is the right kind – the kind that teaches children to do what is right rather than what is easy or what feels good.

One mistake many parents make is that they don’t start training their children as early as they should. How often have you heard a parent say (when asked why their child was permitted to do a certain action), “Why, he’s only a baby.” Waiting to train your child or leave it up to others such as the school system, church or peers can have severely negative effects. It is far easier to train a child early than to break their bad habits and retrain them later in life. For some it will be too late.

There are many that will argue that a child’s future depends almost entirely upon what they inherit. However, this is not the case, children have a tendency to act as their parents act which doesn’t have to do with heredity. With proper care and instruction a child can be trained in spite of adverse tendencies. A child may inherit impulses but they will not inherit habits. He may inherit certain tastes, but he does not inherit temptations. He may come into this world with tendencies, but he does not bring with him prejudices. A child’s character will be determined by his environment, rather than by inherited tendencies so it is important to start training them early in life, even as babies.