What Your Child Should Know by the Time Their Eight

There are a lot of new opportunities for children that are between the ages of 5 and 8. They typically like school, are developing new interests, and making new friends. Most of their learning is still through experience, and they really don’t have a grasp on what will happen in the future. Fact and fantasy are easily mingled and the world is seen as they wish it to be, and not actually is.

Providing your child with rules and information to guide their behavior is essential to their well-being. During this time most children are also very interested in how their bodies work and you should discuss with them things that are harmful such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, junk food, etc and be a good role model, showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few things your child should know by the time they are eight years old:

  • Which foods are nutritious and why.
  • Why physical activity is important.
  • What the school and home rules are and the consequences of breaking them.
  • The dangers of smoking and the effect smoking has on the body.
  • What are illicit drugs, why they are illegal, and how they harm their health.
  • How medicines may help during illness, when prescribed by a doctor, but also how medicines are drugs that can have harmful effects.
  • Using alcohol can be harmful and is illegal for children.