Why Children get Frustrated at School

Life can often be difficult for children growing up, as they are constantly experiencing new things. One major stressor for children is often school, it can be frustrating in many ways, through an academic aspect, a social aspect, as well as a mental aspect.

School is work in itself and nearly everyday a child will come home with additional homework. While homework particularly isn’t too stressful, when they are assigned a heavy amount of it they begin to become distressed that they can not perform activities they wish to perform after they get out of school. The average time spent in school each day is 6 hours, which is not including cases where children may need to be tutored. This doesn’t leave much time for play and relaxation time for the children. They begin to learn as parents learn; there isn’t enough time in the day to do everything we want, including having a bit of fun. As important as school is it is still critical for children to have some fun. Support your child and encourage them to make good use of their time, to work hard and play harder.

Children may also begin to become frustrated due to a social aspect. Elementary school as well as Intermediate school both are tough times for a child socially. Children are often get separated by will into different cliques, and each will tend to judge each other based on looks, judgments, smarts or rumors. They often get separated into what they refer to as popular, and non-popular. Children deemed un-popular tend to be more frustrated in life due to the fact that they are not socially accepted by other students, and this leaves them to become quite distressed with school in general.

In turn, this may cause their grades to drop abnormally, as well as the fact that the child will become aggravated and stressed more easily. Unfortunately parents can not always control a child’s social life, so you must raise them in the right direction and hope they choose a stress free and fun social path. All of these things happen daily in a child’s life, and it may take a huge toll on them mentally. This frustrates them a lot because it is hard to control people’s actions other than their own. The best thing to do is spend time with your child and talk to them about their day, this way they can vent out their problems and confide in someone to hopefully relieve some of the frustration they have.