Building Self Esteem in Children

Your child’s self esteem is their mental foundation, from a very young age well into their adult years. Building self esteem in children is critical to how they grow up and experience life.

A child that is self confident will grow up feeling secure and happy. They will be well adjusted and successful in the things they do because they will be more equipped to solve problems that come their way.

A child’s self esteem will thrive under a loving, nurturing parents care. It is also important to parent by example; you can’t tell your kids to do one thing while you do the opposite. They pick up on that sort of thing and it can be confusing to them and as they get older they may rebel.

Parent’s often expect perfection out of their children but if you truly want to build self esteem in your children you need to let them know that there is no such thing. You need to accept them for who they are and you need to help them do the same. Teach your child that nobody is perfect, this includes you. Everyone makes mistakes and there are consequences but the way we deal with our mistakes is what really matters. Show them how to learn and grow from their mistakes so they can apply these lessons to their lives later down the road.

When building self esteem in children it is important to help your child discover their talents and abilities – they all have them. Encourage them to grow in these areas and provide outlets for them to improve. Praise your child for the good things that they do. So often children don’t get the encouragement they need to press forward. They become discouraged and feel like they can’t succeed because they don’t get the support they need.

With our busy lives it is hard to spend quality time with our children. But you must make the time to do this. It can be doing the dishes together, going to a movie, playing sports, grabbing a bite to eat, or spending time talking to one another. Look for ways to work in quality time with your children because it will go a long ways when building their self esteem.