Control Your Anger, Don’t Let it Control You

Parenting can be very challenging, even more so if you are a single father or single mother. Children are a great blessing and as a parent you have the opportunity to not repeat the wrongs that may have been done to you as a child. Perhaps your past is filled with unresolved hurt and anger but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to let it fill you with anger and control you.

Working through the sufferings you have gone through and choosing to control your anger is important to help keep your anger in check. At some point we all have probably experienced anger that has paralyzed us and made us say or do things that we regret. Imagine how that would look to a small child that looks up to you and loves you. It would be a terrifying experience for your child if you were to take your anger out on them.

Identify problems from your past and look at current situations that are causing your anger. Maybe you are experiencing relationship issues, you are stressed about work, you are lonely, overwhelmed, or maybe depressed and things are piling up. You don’t want your child seeing you angry all the time or that is all they will know and remember. You must find ways to deal with your anger and to express it in a healthy way.

When parenting, it is important to pick your battles. Accidents and nuisances don’t warrant the energy and agony it takes to get angry. Remember, “Don’t fret the small stuff.” Most of us as parents will get angry from time to time – children do their best to test our limits but if you feel yourself losing control and anger getting the best of you then put yourself in a time out, go for a walk, take some deep breaths and do whatever it takes to get a grip on yourself before addressing the situation with your children.

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